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About us

Entertainment about the military & veteran community. We thought we would give podcasting the old  college try since we love having a drink and yapping about a bunch of military B.S. We do give 50% of proceeds to various veteran charities and use the rest to keep our show going. 





I am a 5 year Marine veteran.  While in the Corps I was a tank mechanic and did 4 tours in Iraq.  I have done some contracting work in Baghdad and have been a bartender for the last 13 years. My passions are cooking, cult movie classics, getting all 6 right in the 10 ring & I am down for scuba.

I’ve been in the Army for 19 years. Few years active and a shitload of years playing Army 1 weekend a month as a reservist. I started my career in field artillery, took a sabbatical then switched to communications over a decade ago. I am a computer nerd, firearms enthusiast, I enjoy long summer nights & the small dimples just above a women's buttocks.



I do PSYOP in the Army Reserves. I enjoy the feeling when a fart creeps up my gooch and hits the nut sack. My favorite command phrase is “remarks complete.”

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